Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Assessment Information

Dear Parents,

I just want to clarify for our newer families, and for anyone else who has
questions, what OLMC Assessments are all about, because I know it can be confusing!

Our Catholic tuition is considerably lower than our non-Catholic tuition – nearly
$2,000 a year – and it is also one of the lowest tuitions in the entire Diocese of
Belleville. There are two reasons this is possible:

First, and foremost, is the donation the church gives towards the education of each
Catholic child – approximately $1,600 per year, per child. This is made possible
through the donations of our parishioners. Support of the church equals support of
the school. This is why we ask our parents to be active supporters of the church
as well as the school.

Secondly, is the donation of $850 per family from the OLMC School Committee's
fundraisers. The School Committee gives $150,000 annually to the school to offset
tuition. The committee raises this money through a few principle fundraisers, such
as Bingo, Mardi Gras, and Auction. Our Catholic families are required to
participate in one of these fundraisers in order to ensure the success of the
committee. It is a whole group effort in which we all must be vested.
Fundraising activities generally require approximately 24 hours of work per family
throughout the year. These profitable activities are a great way for school parents
to get to know one another as they work together for the greater good of our

Finally, a family may opt not to work an OLMC Assessment and instead pay an
equivalent Assessment Fee of $850.00 per family. Non-Catholic school families do
not receive a parish subsidy, and therefore are exempt from Assessment obligations
– although we absolutely welcome them to join in, if they are so obliged :)

I hope this helps to clarify things for everyone. Thanks for all you do to make our
school such a wonderful place for our children.

Peace and blessings,
Mrs. Faye Myatt

Mrs. Faye Myatt
Our Lady of Mt Carmel School
Herrin, IL 62948
phone: 618-942-4484

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